Dragon Age: Unseen

1) Into the Deep

Lots of walking, basically

Prologue: Before losing consciousness, the last thing the injured Tamishtar recalled was the Grey Wardens arriving to aid her hold against the darkspawn. She awoke a while later to discover that those same Wardens had driven back the tainted creatures and tended to her wounds. She was also told that no other Avvar survivors could be found.

At the behest of the Warden-Commander of Ferelden, a man called Duncan, Tamishtar pledged herself to their order and agreed to undertake the mysterious Joining. To do this, she would be sent south—alongside another new recruit named Malcolm—to a Deep Roads entrance near the Korcari Wilds. Inside, they would find Oren, a junior Grey Warden who would perform the strange ritual…

Tamishtar and Malcolm were only half a day’s travel away from the Deep Roads entrance when they encountered a terrified dwarven merchant – and a mad, spirit-possessed corpse trying to kill him. After dispatching the creature, the thankful merchant introduced himself as Garl, and said he was also on his way to meet Oren and serve his party as a guide. After dusting themselves off, the three party members continued on their way.

The trio had only just entered the Deep Roads when they encountered a Chasind man standing at the opposite end of an old hall. He demanded the party leave and never return, citing the will of his “… chief.” After being told that the trio was on Grey Warden business, however, the Chasind leader decided that Tamishtar and co. would drop their weapons, be taken prisoner, and introduced to “the master.” They refused to cooperate, however, and were ambushed by other Wilders who had been hiding behind the hall’s stone pillars. Hope seemed lost until Oren appeared and helped turn the tide of battle, cutting through the Chasind with relative ease.

The last Wilder lackey decided to flee for the surface, and Oren suggested setting up camp for the night. In the morning, the team would continue their descent.



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