Questioning everything but his faith


Oren turned heads when he was recruited by the Templar Order after his fifteenth name-day. His drive and skill, however, more than compensated for his young age – as did his devotion to the Maker and the Chant of Light.

As part of his training, Oren accompanied two senior templars as they hunted down an apostate in the Korcari Wilds.

Something went very, very wrong.

Oren doesn’t like to talk about the events of that day, but what is known is that both templars were killed along with the apostate they had been chasing. Shortly thereafter, Oren left the Templar Order and joined the ranks of the Grey Wardens – also at an unusually young age.

Though he still appears to be as faithful as ever, Oren is far more quiet and less likely to pass judgment than he once was…


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