Disciplined and confident, but out of his depth


Background: Circle Mage
Class: Mage
Level: 1
Experience: 600

Health: 13/21
Magic: 17/17

Speed: 10
Defence: 10
Armour: 0

Communication: 3 (Etiquette)
Constitution: 0
Cunning: 2 (Historical Lore)
Dexterity: 0
Magic: 4
Perception: 1
Strength: 2
Willpower: 3 (Self-Discipline)

Powers: Magic Training, Arcane Lance
Spells: Heal, Rock Armour, Stonefist
Talents: Linguistics (Novice)
Languages: Trade Tongue (Read/Speak), Ancient Tevene (Read), Dwarven (Read/Write)
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Staves

Weapon – Attack Roll – Damage:
Quarterstaff – 3d6 – 1d6+1
Dagger – 3d6-2 – (1d6+1)/2
Fist – 3d6 – 1d3

• Backpack
• Traveler’s garb
• Waterskin
• Wand
• Quarterstaff
• Dagger
• Candle (6)
• Vial of black ink (2)
• Lantern
• Pint of oil (2)
• Belt pouch (4)
• Tent, small
• Torch (3)
• Travel rations (3 weeks)

Money: 34sp, 99cp


Spending most of his life locked in the Circle Tower has suited Malcolm just fine. He has always taken pride in his focus, self-discipline, and general thirst for knowledge.

An opportunity to join the Grey Wardens, however, would prove too tempting for Malcolm to pass up. He aches to live as an example of the good mages can accomplish when they, and their abilities, are trusted completely.

And as time goes on, the image of his frightened and furious parents dims… which also suits Malcolm just fine.


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