Dragon Age: Unseen

2) The Bridge, Part I


The gang had little time to rest in the morning, having received two pieces of bad news: one, the Chasind lackey who’d escaped the evening previous was returning to the Deep Roads entrance with some tough-looking allies; and two, a swarm of giant rats was scratching at the large doors on the opposite end of the old hall. Thinking quickly, Team Tamishtar managed to guide one group of enemies into the other, and fled in the ensuing chaos.

Eventually, the group came upon a large, double-decked bridge leading to the massive doors of an old thaig. Electing to stick with the upper level, the team made its way down the bridge – and were confronted by a weary, growling mabari hound. The dog was protecting its sickly-looking friend: an Ash Warrior, rambling about “the song” and refusing to let the group pass. The ghoul was especially concerned about Oren, fearing that the former templar meant to harm the same darkspawn he, or it, felt compelled to serve.

Oren agreed to stay behind with Garl, who could lead the duo through the lower passageways and rendezvous with the recruits beyond the thaig’s gate. But once on the other side of the bridge, Tamishtar and Malclom discovered something unsettling: a body they’d previously spotted was, in fact, the corpse of Domnall, an Avvar hunter from Tamishtar’s hold. In his own blood, he’d drawn what appeared to be an eye…



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